Thursday, March 31, 2011

Warn Your Family, and Up Your Minutes

We had only been going out for a couple of weeks and for Valentine's day decided to drive down to Hunington Beach. We had dinner at Ruby's and then were sitting on the beach, it had to be around 9:00pm when my phone starting ringing. It was his mom. We ignored it. For 10 minutes my phone was blowing up! We ignored it. Then all of a sudden I notice a new number appeared on my was MY MOMS NUMBER. I couldn't ignore this one so picked up the phone as my mother proceeded to scream at me not because I was out late on a school night or anything normal, but because this boy scouts mother called my mom freaking out that we were in Huntington Beach.

So as I get yelled at, we have to rush home and I get grounded for the weekend. His mom does nothing, doesn't even yell at him when he gets home.

My mom's question, "Are you planning on being with this guy for a while or can I tell her off?" I should have let my mom tell her off.

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