Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cooking Merit Badge Revoked

If this man lived alone his fridge would consist of beer, old pizza, and cold bean and cheese burritos. For his own survival, I tried to teach him to at least make eggs and toast.  The toast didn't make it. I'm not really sure where I went wrong, it seemed pretty fail safe. Guess not.

By the time I get home most days, he has almost starved to death because "there was nothing to eat". I've determined this means there was nothing to microwave.

So be warned, he might have a fancy badge that would suggest he learned something, but in reality he probably just hung out with his friends for a few hours, at the end of which an adult handed out badges for "learning to cook".

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Strongest Bond

Today we attended a wedding where every other person was a former Scout, current Scout leader, a Scout mom, you get the idea.  

We were just recently engaged, so that was a frequent topic of conversation. My fiancĂ© had a special band made for my engagement ring. It has a square knot in the band and when he proposed, he said that, like our relationship, it's the strongest bond. 

Aw, so sweet. Right?

The fellow Scout response to this story? "It's also the easiest knot to untie!"

Cool, thanks. Where's the bar?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The BSA Crashed My Engagement

I recently got engaged to Boy Scout. I should clarify-a former Boy Scout and grown man. Anyway, he proposed, with a gorgeous ring, inside a small box with a Fleur de Lis, in Boy Scout green.

Dear BSA, you couldn't stay away from my engagement day, could you!